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To begin with, their noises can chill your bones:

Demons | Toddlers (—Only a few decades ago, such shrieking, squealing, screeching high pitched screams like banshees at the top of their lungs were not yet heard.)


The Simplest Detection:

Individuals too easily and at every occasion blurting out things like, “I didn’t do nothing,” “I swear,” “Jesus Christ!!” Fu-k!! (Jesus hardly said a word to those persecuting Him…)

All sorts of variations to, “goddamned” like god, gotdamn, gosh, gol-damn, dang, darn, durn- it, ed

damn, damned, goddamn, goddamned dang, danged, goldang, goldanged, goshdang, goshdanged darn, darned, goldarn, goldarned, goshdarn, goshdarned
durn, durned, goldurn, goldurned, goshdurn, goshdurned

dammit, damnit, goddamn, goddammit, goddamnit, dang, dangit, goldang, goldangit, goshdang, goshdangit darn, darnit, goldarn, goldarnit, goshdarn, goshdarnit durn, durnit, goldurn, goldurnit, goshdurn, goshdurnit

dadgum, dagnabit, drat, dodgamn, heck, hell, gee,
geeze, golly, granny gazoo, tarnation


Acts Of Disobedience- Considering God Is The ONLY Power And ALWAYS IN CHARGE

-The World Being His School House & Audition For Rule Keeping-

  • Protesting against any and all measures afflicted on them by government, authorities and other miscellaneous circumstantial scenarios. The world is a Monarchy. God- like any king would- merely commands, “head off!!” at the slightest chance of an infraction.
  • ‘Conspiracy’ ‘theories’? (TheoRy=GodCraft) There is a) no ‘competition’ to The Absolute Spirit Of Oneness; b) demons are Satan’s, the vermin meister’s, business, with which the king himself does not even bother, as all of them are approaching the pit.
  • Being ‘against’ the way things are in general, instead of “BEARING” the cross and “PASSING” all the tests.

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