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Except by the only mind with the innate capacity to decipher any and all abstract scriptural substance.

Re: Tech (AI, Robotics, Cryonics) Worshipers

Hackers, ‘no system is safe.’


4-layer scripture allegory is UNHACKABLE to all but one, the meek, the error-free heir of the earth, practical half of God’s kingdom.


It has, to this day, been completely misrepresented, as hundreds of bible related questions have remained unanswered and the costumed and artifact-addicted clergy avoids to mention the hard stuff, since they want their benefactors (potentially 8 billion DEAD dog demons) to keep donating funds no one knows from where they originate, and, more significantly, NO MAN, especially those of the Pharisee, Sadducee and Scribe variety (the self-proclaimed ‘men of God’– a to them to this day UNKNOWN entity, about whom they thusly GOSSIP– and ‘of the cloth’), can open the book- Revelation 5.

Who then is deciphering it?

Top Singularity Last Eve, not just “called and chosen,” but innately equipped for it:

Together: TO_GET_HER; Father: FAT_HER.

A woman shall compass a man (a woman fully comprehends God’s will, and thus encompasses runs intellectual circles around ANY mere manifestation, i. e., is the believer who equates godliness).

Since they are told, “NO MAN can open the book,” they are attempting to ‘circumvent’ the LIVING God, symbolical diametrical opposite to DEAD dog, (English, la lingua pura- Zephaniah 3:9- is the end-time language) with their mockery and f—kery daily. Any man, in order to be counted “alive”, must undergo metanoia and metamorphosis; yet all of humanity [human=hewn man, torso void of the arms of bible-spiritual comprehension: Daniel 4:10 to 17; (‘super’ human??!)] are instead literally awaiting their death, while not just ‘policing’ themselves- as told- but always ‘the other guy’.

Man, a relative existence- manifestation of God- animated from above (John 19:11- Jesus answered, Thou couldest have no power at all against me, except it were given thee from above…), can only ‘think’ of one thing at a time. God, the absolute spirit of Oneness, without whom nothing relative to Him can exist, rules all “zillions” upon “zillions” of processes simultaneously. Technology is merely a tiny inferior imitator of Him, just like the Internet is of the theoretical realm with NO LOCALE, called heaven, or firmament, and electricity a mere symbol of full God power.